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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Bass drive configuration, shocking sound quality
  • Ergonomic construction, perfect fit for human ears
  • Small and exquisite shape, portable and stable to wear
  • Different sound effect conversion to meet multiple feelings
  • One touch wire control design, music call function

Product Details

Product description

Bluetooth 5.0 is adopted, and the sound quality is stable;

Voice assistant can be called, and Alexa / GVA / Siri can be awakened by one key;

The charging chamber can charge 4 times continuously and play continuously for 25 hours;

Built in echo cancellation technology makes the call clearer;

In ear design, comfortable to wear;

Intelligent matching, powerful and compatible;

The charging time is about 2 hours;

QCC double open technology, left and right ears have independent chips, support single ear call.

Noise reduction model: wf-1000xm3

Brand concept

Excellent technology, cutting-edge design and shocking experience

We insist on novel design, perfect sound effect and pleasant experience, and strive to be even more

International Audio brings you who love sound more!

Design process


Through the well-designed ergonomics, we

Different people provide different sizes of ear pads, i.e

So that all day wear, can still ensure the comfort of wearing.

The simple and pure design style is adopted on the inner and outer sides of the earplug, together with the metal touch surface, and the gold-plated charging point, so that the product can show the texture in the appearance. The earphone is made of durable waterproof and sweat proof material, which can meet the needs of customers in various environments.

Design concept

We focus on the world's leading headset manufacturing, and strive to give you new listening dimensions, touching voice experience and moments

The stunning headset device is available to customers who advocate the ultimate sound.

Through the modern appearance and comfortable earplug design, you can enjoy your favorite audio programs, and through simple and fast language

Voice assistant and touch operation are more convenient for users to talk through Bluetooth.

Product selling point

The sound quality is stable;

Intelligent active noise reduction, continuous and highly sensitive isolation of environmental noise;

Bluetooth wired dual mode;

40mm drive unit subwoofer;

Built in echo cancellation technology makes the call clearer;

It is comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off;

Intelligent matching, powerful and compatible;

Continuous play, long duration;

The charging time is about 2 hours;

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