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What product is eva backpack customized for

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There are many kinds of product materials for customized backpacks. The most commonly used ones are Oxford cloth, polyester nylon and so on. But do you know that in addition to these materials, due to the particularity of some backpacks, EVA materials are often favored. Today we are going to talk about what kind of products this EVA backpack is mainly used for.

First of all, we should first understand the characteristics of EVA backpack. Generally speaking, if EVA is used to make a customized backpack, it must have the appearance of the product. It must be relatively upright appearance, and even some appearance similar to relief. This is the effect that ordinary materials are difficult to achieve, but EVA can.

What we are going to say here is what kind of products EVA backpack is mainly used for, which lies in the luggage industry. Basically, there are only two kinds of bag products made of EVA material, one is a tool kit and the other is a schoolbag. We will explain this in detail below.

The customized tool kit is made of EVA material. Because of the irregularity of the tools, the general backpack can not be fixed well. Therefore, EVA can only be used to fix the product in the bag. In this way, the equipment will not shake left and right, and the product protection will be more comprehensive.

         There is also the practice of cartoon schoolbags. With the development of private schools and the personalized development of people's demand for products, ordinary schoolbags have been unable to meet the needs of consumers. The market urgently needs personalized products, such as the need to print cartoon people and objects on the schoolbags, or similar relief more vivid cartoon characters. At this time, EVA cartoon schoolbag should be The product logo and cartoon characters can be made according to any shape.


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