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What are leather products?

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Leather products include: leather sofa Bai, leather chair, leather bed, leather bag, leather whip, leather hand Du cover, leather clothing, Zhi leather shoes, manager's bag, Dao briefcase, luggage, wallet, key bag and other leather goods.

1. Leather sofa

Leather sofa is a seat made of animal skin, such as pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin and other animal skins, which are processed by specific technology. Because the leather made of leather has the functions of air permeability and good softness, it is very comfortable for people to sit up and not easy to get dirty.

2. Leather bed

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for sleep quality is higher and higher. Leather bed is not only comfortable and soft, but also gorgeous in color, mellow in shape, noble and elegant. It is popular among people. There are ten brands of leather bed in the furniture market, and the colors are mainly white, red, purple and brown.

3. Leather bag

Leather bag is a bag made of genuine leather or artificial leather. Real leather bags are more noble, mainly including money bags, official bags, book bags, etc.; according to the gender of users, they can be divided into men's bags and women's bags. Leather bags are generally small in size and mainly contain expensive things.

4. Leather whip

A whip made of skin, made of long strips of skin, attached to a wood or metal rod at the other end, used to drive away livestock, tame animals, etc. It can also be used as a self-defense weapon, which is slightly different from the whip in 18 kinds of weapons.

5. Leather clothes

Leather coat is a kind of clothing made of leather which is made of animal skin and processed by specific technology. Its main function is to prevent cold. The raw materials used for leather clothing are cow skin, sheep skin, snake skin, fish skin and other animal skins.


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