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How to choose camping lamp

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1. Headlamp: the battery powered headlamp is the most ideal outdoor personal lighting appliance.

She's easy to use, and her best part is to free your hands. So you can easily cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, March at night or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she really lets you "see as you see.".

2. Candle lamp: candle lamp can provide us with a long time, reliable and economical lighting method. It's an ideal solution when you're reading, having dinner or not demanding high lighting.

But remember, never light a candle in a tent.

3. Camp lamp: designed to light up a large area. It is suitable for long-distance travel and has a large number of participants. Because, this kind of lamp is bigger and heavier. Camp lights use batteries and fuel. The operation of the battery is convenient, but the use time is short. The operation of using fuel (gas, kerosene, alcohol or gasoline) is troublesome, but it often has high brightness and long service time.

4. Type a gas lamp: different from the large camp lamp, this kind of gas lamp is small and easy to carry.

Gas is generally used, because gas tank has been pressurized in advance, unlike kerosene.

Gas lamp has high lighting intensity and is used in small teams with few people.

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