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Custom leather goods, have you chosen the color

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Customized leather goods are popular all the year round, but have you ever had a headache because of the color you choose? How should we determine the color of leather goods when we choose leather customized products? Many enterprises will customize leather goods. When choosing the color of customized leather goods, we first need to determine whether there is a main color of the theme or corporate logo. The color of leather goods selected in this way is the suitable color. If there is no restriction of these conditions, then what color should be chosen for leather goods? Next, I will introduce how to choose the color of customized leather goods.

1. According to SPF comparison

When choosing customized leather goods, we need to determine the use scene of leather goods. If leather goods are mainly used in outdoor activities and outdoor publicity, we should choose light colored leather goods such as white leather products, because white can reflect the sunlight well, which can ensure our cool experience in outdoor activities. Whether it is physically or visually cool feeling, dark leather is very heat absorbing, generally speaking, the summer outdoor activities will not choose dark color as the main color.

2. Appearance impression comparison

Dark leather goods will be more formal than light leather goods. Light leather goods will give people a feeling of youth and sunshine. First of all, leather products can be customized according to customers' preferences, which is also a very important point.

About the choice of color, you can choose the color according to personal requirements. In different occasions, the color should be selected relatively. The enterprise can also match the color according to the company's culture.


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