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A problem to be noticed in customized proofing of backpack

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Backpack customization has become a common gift scheme for medium and large enterprises. It can not only bring convenience to customers, but also promote the company to a certain extent. Today, we would like to say a mistake that most manufacturers are easy to make.

        We all know that as long as it involves the customization of thousands of bags, it is generally necessary to proofing for confirmation. That is to say, common love must first give customers a confirmation receiving template, so that there will be no problem when signing for the goods, and only need to sign for the sample. Therefore, this requires that the backpack made by the manufacturer must be the same as that of the later ones There won't be any wrangles. What problems do we need to pay attention to when proofing, so as not to cause the following goods to be consistent with the sample?

         According to our experience, after receiving the sample order, we need to make sure that the sample can be consistent with the following large goods, which requires us to be consistent in the material aspect of the product. In other words, the material we proofed must be cut at the cloth gate. We must not use the fabric left before directly because of the convenience, which is very difficult Make sure that the large goods are consistent with the sample, mainly reflected in the thickness and color of the cloth. If the material you proofed happens to be available at the door, everything will be fine. If there is no color difference or other problems, it will not be clear at the back.


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