Guangdong Jianshang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd

About Us

Guangdong Jianshang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was established on March 20, 2015. It is a high-end electronic and electrical appliances, daily bags (backpacks, women's bags, handbags), protective products, clothing and clothing, building materials, electrical machinery and other six categories of domestic and foreign trade. It also involves industrial investment, Industrial Park investment, building materials sales, real estate brokerage, marketing planning and industrial park development , industrial investment, financial investment, financial consulting, investment consulting services as one integrated comprehensive investment services Co., Ltd.

The company has a large market resources, integrated a number of high-quality professional management team, the team members have a wide range of professional knowledge, strong market development ability, and good interpersonal and communication skills, has always maintained good relations with the majority of customers, at the same time learn from international advanced marketing experience, take root in Dongguan, create a first-class "business platform and circulation system" To radiate all over China, to the whole world, and to explore the international market.

The company will adhere to the enterprise tenet of "bold innovation and dedication", follow the principles of honest operation, equality and mutual benefit, diversity of forms, continuous growth and common development, establish a sound enterprise internal organization, establish a sound internal management system to adapt to the development of the times, so as to make the company operate efficiently, establish extensive business contacts with domestic and foreign countries, and seek common development.

The development of the company is inseparable from the customer's trust and support. We always take the business of China's commerce and trade as our own responsibility, strictly require ourselves, devote ourselves to the agent management of excellent brand products, expect to become the trusted partner of customers, provide high-quality and comprehensive solutions for customers at the critical moment, and cooperate with customers with the most perfect product service to create the future together!